22 October 2014

Unfortunately due to the fear of Downy Mildew it was decided to stop production on Impatiens for 2014 as consumers were reluctant to buy Impatiens in 2013.  At this stage we have decided to give production a break until Downy Mildew on impatiens is brought under control.


1 April 2013


We have made a decision to produce Impatiens Seedlings this year again and they should be ready from the end of winter 2013 and will be available till the rain season begins.  Hopefully having a break for 1 year will help control the problems encountered country wide and allow you to stock Impatiens this spring.  We will constantly keep an eye on this issue and keep you updated.  Please see the news below on more detail about the problems encountered with Impatiens over the last few years

1 October 2010

Many would have by now noticed that Impatiens seedlings have not been available for quite a few months.  We made a decision not to produce Impatiens seedlings due to the disease problems encountered world wide. Downy Mildew has infected plants all over South Africa as well.  Although the disease can be controlled with Chemicals,  the cost of chemicals to the end user is just too high.  Added to the fact that the chemical required has a tendancy to be very susceptible to building resistance.  We are able to control the disease in the Nursery, but once the end user has planted his/her seedlings the symptoms may appear.  Once Impatiens have downy Mildew nothing much can be done.  It can infect the soil and cause problems in that particular bed indefintely.  We will consider producing again once the problem seems to be more under control. At the moment the Impatiens have been doing quite well, but we fear as soon as the rains begin the problem will flare up again.   In the meantime we recommend that one plants New Guinea impatiens or Begonias as a replacement. 

March 2018

Good News, we have recently heard that a new Impatiens variety will be launched soon that has resistance to Downy Mildew and should become available over the next few months.  We will keep you Posted.  In the meantime we have started producing small amounts again and so far have experienced no problems.

April 2019

Finally we have ordered the New BEACON IMPATIENS for the upcoming Spring season.  So look forward to having Impatiens in your garden again. The Beacon series have proved to be resistant to Downy Mildew and should provide months of colour.


September 2019

First Seedlings are nearly ready to go and should be available soon.