Martin Dale Seedlings has been producing Vegetable seedlings for farmers in Limpopo and Gauteng for the last 22 years.  We are proud to have been involved in various community projects, including feeding schemes and greenery projects in the province.


Vegetables are produced in a model 200 tray and take on average about 6 weeks to produce.  We produce a range of open pollinated varieties on spec but do produce hybrids on request.  It is recommended that the farmer consults with their local seed supplier when planning what varieties to produce.  The choice is based on the type of market you wish to supply as well as the time of year. 

It must be noted that our production guidelines are guidelines only and it is recommended that each farmer look at his/her own circumstances to determine which variety and plant spacing to use.  Higher density plant spacing leads to less yeild per plant and low density planting can lead to low yeild per ha, so it is always a good idea to find the balance between high and low density planting. 

Temperature effects the growth  of plants so this needs to be taken into account when planning. 

We recommend that your feeding programme is done in consultation with a feild expert, as this can vary depending on types of soil etc.

We also produce vegetables in 9 packs for retail nurseries to sell the the end user.