Petunias have been the No 1 Seller for over 20 years.  Offering a huge colour range and very suitable to South Africa's climate.  Petunias don't like heavy rains.  

Position:    Full sun but can take a few hours of shade a day.

Spacing:   25 - 35cm

Disease and Pests:

Petunias can be susceptible to damping off, Aternararia Blight, Fusarium wilt and botrytis.  A general fungicide should  sort most diseases out if caught on time.  Aphids and cutworm are the most common pests and can be treated with the prescibed insecticides. 


Petunias don't like to be kept too wet so try and grow them slightly on the dry side.  Yellow foliage is often a sign on Nitrogen or iron deficiency - supplent with fertilizer high in nitrogen and Iron.  Feed once a month with a general fertilizer like 2.3.2  . 

Colours Available

Blue, Blue Mix, Blush, Burgandy, Cherry, Lavender, Mix, Orchid Daddy, Picotee Blue, Picotee red, Pink, Red, Rose, Salmon, Salmon Morn, White, Peppermint, Picotee Rose, Pink Morn, sky Blue, Star Blue, Star Red, Vein Mix, Vein plum, Vein Red, Lilac etc.