We have recently joined Herb Herbert from Australia who have been marketing herbs for over 30 years.  Herbs are a wonderful addition to any garden.  Fresh herbs have much more flavour and aroma than dried herbs.  It is well worth adding them to your meals for their delicious, delicate and fresh flavour.  Herbs are also very beneficial to your health.  The best way to discover the exciting ways to enjoy herbs in your food is to follow the basic guidlines but also to occasionally experiment with flavours. 

Herbs can be planted in vegetable gardens, containers, window boxes, in some indoor areas and even amongst your shrubs in the garden.

It must be noted that although medicinal uses are listed here, it is not recommended that one stops using medication that has been prescribed by your doctor.   Should one decide to try various herbal remedies we strongly recommend that one does this in consultation with a professional health practitioner.