Marigolds are very prolific easy to grow annuals.  They will flower right until they get frost.  Marigolds give off a pungent odour that makes them a good companion plant amongst vegetables to keep insects away.  They do well in borders, general garden beds and in containers. 

Position:     Full Sun to partial shade in rich well grained soil.

Spacing:     20 - 30cm

Disease and pests:

Insects largely avoid marigolds but slugs/snails can be a problem.  They will be seen at night, early morning or on rainy days.  Treat quickly with Snail Bait as they can do alot of damage very quickly.

Marigold are very tolerant to disease.


Marigolds  can tolertae slightly poor soils but do much better if alot of compost is added to the beds.  Feed monthly with a general fertilizer like 2.3.2.  Marigolds can survive a light frost, but will certainly not handle a heavy frost.


Put marigold leaves and stems into a blender.  Once blended leave for a day to soak in a little water.  Drain and discard solids.  Add water to dilute and spray liberally in garden to repel insects.

Colours available:

Yellow, orange, red, rust.

Large and small head flowers available