If you live in an area of heat and drought you will love growing portulaca.  This little plant needs little moisture to thrive and bloom well.  A tough annual.  Very bright flowers make portulaca an increasingly popular bedding plant.

Position - Full sun, prefers average to poor soils with very good drainage.

Spacing - 20cm

Disease and pests -

Aphis, gnats and other insects can pose a problem - treat with appropriate insecticides.  Snails and slugs can also be a problem, treat with snail bait.

Fungus disease can occur in humid weather, treat with a general fungicide.  Stem and root rot can occur if soil is too wet with insufficient drainage.

Care  -

Portulaca are very easy to grow.  They are drought and heat tolerant and watering is seldom needed.  In containers let them dry out completely between watering.  Add high nitrogen fertilizer at planting like Multisol "N".  Deadhead flowers to promote more blooms.  Cover when frost is expected with crop cover.  Prune plants to create a fuller, neater appearance.

Colours available - Mix only