Calendula is a very prolific annual.  Known as pot marigolds.  They produce orange and yellow flowers on long stems.  Calendula petals can be used in soups, stews and salads.  Calendula can take light frost but will die in severe frost.

Position - Full sun in well drained soil....

Spacing - 20cm

Disease and pests -

The biggest drawback to calendulas is that insects like them and the are subject to plant disease.  Aphids are the most common problem, so use an appropriate insecticide to combat them.  Mildew is the most common disease and can be controlled with the correct fungicide.

Care -

Add plenty of compost to your flower bed.  Feed monthly with 2.3.2. Keep calendula well watered during dry periods and add mulch to keep weeds down.  Calendula make good container plants.