Pansys are one of the most popular winter bedding plants today with their almost heart shaped overlapping petals in bright colours and often face-like centre markings.  Although delicate pansys are surprisingly hardy.  The flowers are edible and are often used in salads.  Pansys are compact and low growing making them ideal for containers, borders and between rock walls and stone paths. 

Position:    Full sun to partial shade

Spacing:    25 - 35cm

Disease and pests:

Disease is generally not a problem but if damping off occurs use a general purpose fungicide.  Slugs and aphids are a problem that can be easliy controlled with the prescribed insecticides.


Pansy grows best in loose, rich soil slightly on the acidec side. PH 6 - 6.2. They don't like too much heat so start to battle going into summer.  Feed monthly with general purpose foliar feed like Multisol "P" or Multikelp.  Deadheading will extend their flowering life. 

Colours available: Beaconsfeild, blotch mix, blotch red, blotch rose, blotch white, blotch yellow, clear orange, clear purple, clear white, clear yellow and deep blue.