Botanical Name  - Mentha Pulegium

Pennyroyal is not a culinary herb but worth growing for several other reasons.  It is one of the best natural insect repellants around and smells better than many commercial insect repellants.

Position - Full sun to partial shade.

Spacing - Aggresive spreader so plant where it can be contained.

Uses -

Insect repellent.  Even repels ants.  Pennyroyal is no longer considered safe to eat.  Not recommended to ingest especially by pregnant women.  Pennyroyal makes an excellent lush groundcover around the house, witha very pleasant scent when walked on.

Care -

Will not take severe frost.  Keep soil moist.  Pennyroyal can tolerate periods of drought and will recover but try and water fairly well.  You should have no problems with disease and insects.

Available in 6 packs and 12cm pots