Borage is not a very well known herb, but grows easily and can be very rewarding.  Hardy

Position:  Full sun.  Not very fussy about pH but needs a well drained but moisture retentitive soil.

Spacing:    30cm apart and grows about 50cm tall.


Saute borage leaves and use them like spinach.  The stems can be peeled and used like celery.  Borage leaves go well with cheese, fish and poultry.  Add the flowers to salads as an unusual garnish.  Fresh borage flowers steeped in boiling water for 10 min. make a delicious tea. 

Borage contains malic acid and potsium nitrate so will act as a diuretic.  Also has anti - mucous and anti - inflammatory properties.


Weed regularly, water during dry spells and cut plant back in the late summer if it starts looking too leggy.  Feed monthly with 2.3.2 or multikelp.