Botanical Name - coriandrum Sativum  (also known as cilantro)

Position - sun

Spacing - 2cm apart, does not like to be transplanted, best to keep them in the pot you purchased them in.

Uses -

Coriander is said to be good for treating loss of appetite.  The seeds have been used to treat wounds, burns and the herb has  anti - microbial properties.  It is helpful with arthritis and rheumatism.

The roots leaves and stalks can be used to flavour soups, salads and curries.  The seeds are used as an ingredient of curry powder, pickles, pickling spice, biltong and sausages. 

Care -

Feed every few weeks with 2.3.2 or multikelp to promote growth.  A shock to the plants system such as lack of water or a significant drop in temperature will cause coriander to bolt (seed).  Do not overwater. Start harvesting when plant is 10cm in height.  Harvest mature leaves to encourage further growth.