Botanical Name - Antheum Graveolens

Position - Full sun in well drained soil.  Plant in spring.

Spacing  - 20cm

Uses -

Harvest leaves at any time, the young and tender ones are the best.  Harvest flower heads after seeds have formed and the flower head has died.  Tie groups of stems together and hang upside down to dry.  Dill is used in foods worldwide to flavour eggs, seafood and especially fish.  Sprigs of dill are added to pickles and are an essential ingredient in gravlax.  Also very popular in cucumber dishes.  Dill is and ingredient in gripe water for babies.  It is also used to treat indigestion, colic and the symptoms of a hiatus hernia.

Care -

Fairly easy to grow, keep well watered and feed monthly with 2.3.2 or Multikelp.