Botanical Name - Sage Officinalis

Sage is a shruby evergreen perennial shrub with pale green leaves.  Grows well in containers or in the garden. 

Position - Full sun for most of the day.

Spacing - 30 - 50cm

Uses -

Taken internally sage treats indigestion and flatulance.  It is used to reduce lactation in nursing mothers and night sweats(especially in menopause), excessive salivation, profuse perspiration, anxiety, depression, female sterility and menopausal problems.  Sage also has supportive properties for the liver and is used to boost the function of the liver.   Sage is traditionally used to flavour meat and stuffings. 

Externally used for insect bites, throat, mouth, gum and skin infections.  Sage contains rosmarinic acid which has good ant - oxident properties.  Sage has anti- microbial and anti - viral effects and is often used in hair care to combat greasy and oily hair.  Sage is also used to treat acne. 

Warning  - Sage should not be used at a high dosage or for log periods as toxicity can occur.  Should also not be used by pregnant women.  People suffering from epilepsy and high blood pressure should not use sage oil.

Care -

Prefers to be kept slightly dry.  Add bonemeal when planting.  Feed monthly with 2.3.2 or Multikelp.