We produce a range of products for lanscapers in model 24 trays.  This is a large tray and the plants are a good size for big jobs.  This system makes it far more economical for landscapers to plant large volumes at a reasonable price.  The plants are big enough to be planted directly on site or as some retailers like to do plant them into 2l or 5l bags to help increase their profits.


Abelia ('Francis Mason', Grandiflora)

Acourus (Varigated, Gold Edge)

Bulbinella Arborescens

Carex (Amazon Mist, Red Rooster)

Daisy (double pink, yellow, etc)

Cats Whiskers


Evolvulus Blue Daze

Festuca (Green and Blue)

Chlorophytum (Hen & Chicken)


Lavenders (Various)

Mondo (Various)


Star Jasmine

Tecomas (Various)

Dietes (Bi Colour and Grandiflora)

We can do special requests if required.

Please enquire at lee@mdseedlings.co.za