You can grow your own way

Self-sustainability is a big word. But it is attained through making some very small adjustments to your everyday living – like growing your own food. Tired of the not-so-fresh fresh foods at your favourite retailer, but you really can’t afford any of the possible solutions you like to pin to that “Home Ideas” Pinterest board? Well, Martin Dale Seedlings are revolutionizing the idea of self-sustainability through the launch of their exciting new Homegrown DIY Greenhouse.

There’s no catch or clever sales pitch here. The Homegrown DIY Greenhouse is exactly what the name says. It’s a greenhouse. For your home.

But, it’s a very affordable Greenhouse, which you assemble yourself - hence the little “DIY” they snuck into the title.

The idea is so brilliant in its simplicity that one could quite literally have the first greenhouse erected in the time it took to read this article. The idea was inspired by a recent visit to Lithuania coupled with the increasing number of complaints Martin Dale Seedlings received from their clients regarding their struggle with monkeys, cold weather and controlling the water usage to their gardens.

“We designed the Homegrown DIY Greenhouse tunnel as an answer to having your own successful vegetable garden. The Greenhouse is monkey proof and will help in the colder areas to allow for growing of strong, healthy and organic vegetables. With the rising cost of food, this will allow you to grow your own in an affordable way.”

The greenhouses kits are available in 3.5m x 3m  or 3.5m x 6m  and can continue in lengths of 3m for as long as you specifically require. There are further options which include fully or partially enclosed in plastic, enclosed in both plastic and shade cloth or just shade cloth.

Because this product is moveable and lightweight in structure, it is perfect for those who live in small townhouse complexes or apartment blocks as it is not a permanent fixture. The kits do not include irrigation, boxes or growing medium, but these can all be purchased from Martin Dale Seedlings also at a fraction of the usual cost.

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