An exciting new development in South Africa's Agricultural Industry is the availability of Active Carbon (different to normal and activated carbon). Active Carbon also goes by the name of Bio-Carbon or Bio-Char. It is a superior form of Charcoal, and also differs from Charcoal in its primary use. Bio-Carbon is mostly used as a soil amendment.

The addition of Bio-Carbon to your soil has many benefits including the improvement of the quality of the soil structure and of the plants, as well as reducing propagation time. Both the commercial farmer as well as the home gardener are able to use Bio  Carbon. The uses in commercial farming are endless ranging from Livestock farming to Commercial Crop farming as well as Nursery Propagation. We are very proud to supply South Africa's Limpopo province with this amazing product.  

Benefits of Bio Carbon include:

  • Healthier and stronger root development (as seen in the picture, the Petunia on the left has Bio Carbon  and the one on the right has none).

  • Increased water retention ability of the soil (saving water and labour).

  • Better uptake of nutrients by maximising the utilization of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium in plants. This leads to a huge cost saving on Fertilization (15 - 30%).

  • Faster plant growth as there is an increased availability of nutrients to plants.

  • Healthier soil and plants (much less disease).

  • Cost effective. 

Available in Flakes, powder or enriched Pellets depending on your needs.


Please contact Leigh or Jen at Martin Dale Seedlings for all your Bio Carbon requirements.