Martin Dale Seedlings is currently selling the following to farmers, nurserymen and DIY gardeners:

Budding and grafting equipment including:Budding strips, tape, cutting tools, grafting tools, plant clips and tapetools

Substrates like Peat, Coco Coir, Bark, Vermiculite, Perlite(Hort grade)  We are able to make a mix specially for your requirements.

Shadecloth, greenhouse plastic, Weed matting, LS groundcover, Frost sheild

Planting Bags, Pots, Seedling trays, Jiffy trays, pellets and Pots and Polywoven bags

Labels, printers, Rigitags and Self tie labels

Irrigation, dripper lines, T Tapes, Buttons, Drip pegs and Micro irrigation.

Rooting Hormones, powders, liquids and gels

Tomato Hooks, Tomato Twine(UV) and Clips to name but a few.

Wetwalls and fans and heating

Give us a call to see how we can assist with your propogation.

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