We are now the proud suppliers of Rivulis  Irrigation in South Africa's Limpopo province.


Industry leading drip and micro irrigation solutions with superior channel partners to growers who want to optimize operations and output.


Here are some of the most popular Rivulis Irrigation products that are used by farmers in South Africa:


Pro-Tape Drip Tape

  • One of the most recognized and trusted drip tape brands in the world, Pro-Tape is used in a variety of crops and can be installed on the ground, under opaque plastic, or even subsurface. Because of Pro-Tape's material strength, design and quality production standards, you can count on Pro-Tape year after year.

D2000 PC Drip Line

  • Large surface inlet filter

  • Large cross sectional labyrinth

  • Compact packaging

  • Manufactured from superior materials

  • Easy manual or mechanized layout or retrieval

  • Innovative hydraulic dripper design

  • Benefits include a significant reduction in clogging of dripper; reduced transportation costs; suitable for varying water conditions and longer product life; easy to use and maintain; uniform application of water nutrients

D5000 PC Drip Line

  • Multiple inlet filters and large cross sectional labyrinth for high resistance clogging

  • Accurate flow regulating membrane

  • Accurate flow regulations makes it the ideal choice for longs runs and/or sloping terrains

  • Delivers the right amount of water where you need it

  • Diameters: 16, 17, 20, 22, 23mm

  • Wall thickness: 0,76mm - 1,1mm

  • Dripper spacing: 20cm - 100cm

  • Flow rate: 1,2 and 4l/hour

Supertif & Accessories

  • Supertif standard

  • Supertif ND - no drain

  • Supertif NDH - no drain high pressure

  • Self-activated flushing, excellent clog resistance

  • Built-in no drain diaphragms

  • Ideal choice for pulse irrigation

  • All greenhouse accessories

  • Outlet types: barb, side-outlet barb, and conic

  • Flow rates: 1-8 l/hour