Year-round flowers in your garden with our landscaper range

Beautiful flower garden

To ensure that you have flowers in your garden throughout the year, it’s essential to choose plants with overlapping bloom seasons. Remember to consider the individual growing requirements, such as sunlight and soil needs, when planting these species together in your garden. Landscapers – we’ve got you covered! Are you a landscaping professional looking for […]

Enhancing Biocarbon with Beneficial Microbes

Incorporating beneficial microbes into biocarbon can improve its longevity and effectiveness in promoting plant growth, soil health, and nutrient cycling. Some of the most promising groups of microbes to add to biocarbon include: Mycorrhizal Fungi Mycorrhizal fungi form symbiotic relationships with plant roots, enhancing nutrient uptake and water absorption. These fungi can colonise biocarbon particles […]

DIY Biocarbon Production – A Step-by-Step Guide to Small-Scale Pyrolysis Methods

In this article, we will provide detailed step-by-step guides on how to produce biocarbon using the three small-scale pyrolysis methods mentioned earlier: top-lit updraft (TLUD) pyrolysis, trench pyrolysis, and retort pyrolysis. We’ll cover the timings, heating requirements, and temperatures needed for each method, along with a list of do’s and don’ts to ensure safe and […]

Unlocking the Power of Biocarbon: A Green Revolution for Nurseries and Agriculture

The Biocarbon Breakthrough Biocarbon, also known as biochar, is a carbon-rich material derived from the pyrolysis of biomass. This eco-friendly and versatile substance has been gaining attention for its potential to revolutionise agriculture, particularly in nurseries and farming operations. In this article, we will explore the many uses and benefits of biocarbon in these settings, […]

Coir suppliers – Limpopo, South Africa

Morning sunlight on various vegetable seeds cultivation with planting date labels on nursery tray

Coir is an excellent growing medium. Martin Dale Seedlings is now the proud supplier of this amazing growing medium in South Africa’s Limpopo province. You may ask why you should use Coir as a growing medium, and specifically why the South African farmer should choose our Coir or Coco Peat as it is sometimes referred […]

Planting Pines in Limpopo: A Guide to Choosing Between Pinus elliottii, Pinus greggii, and Pinus patula

Commercial pine tree in the forest. Bottom view pine tree trunk with amber resin on pine tree bark

Selecting the appropriate pine species for plantation forestry requires careful consideration of factors such as growth rates, yields, growing regions, and climate preferences. This informative article aims to guide you through the decision-making process by comparing three notable pine species: Pinus elliottii, Pinus greggii, and Pinus patula. Pinus elliottii: A Champion of Subtropical Timber Production […]

Performance of tomato cultivars under a soilless production system in South Africa

small yellow and red tomatoes in greenhouse

Mahlangu, S.G., Simalenga, T.E., & Soundy, P. (2016) conducted a study to investigate the performance of tomato cultivars under a soilless production system in South Africa. They compared the performance of five tomato cultivars (Hayslip, Petomech, Heinz, Plum Regal, and Star 9003) grown in a soilless system with a coconut coir substrate to those grown […]

Greenhouse Plastic: The Advantages of Greenhouse Film in Sustainable Agriculture

Plastic sheet greenhouses agricultural background

Greenhouse plastic, or film, is a crucial element in creating a controlled environment for plant growth. With the ability to regulate temperature, humidity, and light conditions, greenhouse film allows growers to extend the growing season, produce crops year-round, and enhance the overall quality and yield of their plants. As the demand for sustainable and efficient […]

The Case for Greenhouse Farming in South Africa: Harnessing Sustainable Agriculture for a Prosperous Future


Agriculture in South Africa faces numerous challenges, including water scarcity, unpredictable weather conditions, and soil degradation. Greenhouse farming has emerged as a potential solution to these problems by providing a controlled environment for crop growth. This article explores the benefits of greenhouse farming, discusses the various growing media and substrates, and highlights advanced irrigation and […]