Jiffy 7C Pellets – Pack of 5-10


A range of sizes are available to suit any application.


Jiffy 7C pellets are widely used by growers worldwide to propagate seeds and cuttings. These pellets are made of coco-peat and come in a compressed dry disk with degradable netting, serving as both the container and growing medium. They are available in various sizes and are RHP certified with consistent pH and EC levels. Fertilizer is added to assist with early growth. The pellets are versatile and can be used in different crop types and growing systems. They are easy to transport, store, and apply.

To use Jiffy 7C pellets, they should be hydrated before planting seeds or cuttings. Watering frequency is typically higher but with less water applied each time due to the nature of coco-peat. After reaching the desired size, the entire pellet can be planted into the soil or growing medium.

In Africa, Jiffy 7C pellets have been successful due to their compressed nature, which facilitates easy transportation and competitive pricing. They are suitable for remote and tough conditions, saving water, labor, and nursery setup time.

Advantages of using Jiffy 7C pellets include ease of transport and deployment, minimal infrastructure required for nurseries, improved germination rates, increased root mass, minimal transplant shock, and eco-friendly biodegradability.

These pellets are popular among greenhouse growers, nursery professionals, foresters, and others involved in plant propagation, especially when looking for an effective and peat-free solution.

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30-40mm, 30-50mm, 40-45mm, 40-60mm, 40-90mm, 50-60mm, 60-120mm


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