Year-round flowers in your garden with our landscaper range

To ensure that you have flowers in your garden throughout the year, it’s essential to choose plants with overlapping bloom seasons.

  1. Abelia (November-April)
  2. Dietes grandiflora (October-June)
  3. Duranta yellow (October-April)
  4. Evolvulus blue daze (September-April)
  5. Lantana white or yellow (October-May)
  6. Lavender (any variety: French, Mar. Roberts, Stoechas, or Australian) (October-May)
  7. Plumbago blue (September-April)
  8. Tecomaria (any variety: oranges, red, rust, salmon, or yellow) (September-April)
  9. Barleria repens pink (October-May)
  10. Felicia ameloides blue (September-May)
  11. Freylinia lanceolata blue (October-April)
  12. Bulbine thin leaf or Bulbine frutescens orange (September-May)
  13. Spekboom (September-April)
  14. Kniphofia (September-April)
  15. Buddleja saligna (September-April)
  16. Freylinia tropica blue honeybell (October-April)
  17. Rosemary (September-May)
  18. Asystasia gangetica (October-April)
  19. Plectranthus neochilus (September-April)
  20. Erigeron (September-May)

Remember to consider the individual growing requirements, such as sunlight and soil needs, when planting these species together in your garden.

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