Vegetable Seedlings

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    Hybrid Vegetable Seedlings – Create your own box of 100 seedlings

  • Custom box of 200 Vegetable Seedlings

    Vegetable Seedlings – Mix and Match – 200 per box

  • The Beetroot Box – 200/500/1000 seedlings

  • The Cabbage Box – 200/500/1000 seedlings

  • The Chilli Box – 200/500/1000 seedlings

  • The Green Pepper Box – 200/500/1000 seedlings

  • The Mixed Lettuce Box – 200/500/1000 seedlings

  • The Mustard Box – 200/500/1000 seedlings

  • The Onion Box – 500/1000/2000 seedlings

  • The Spinach Box – 200/500/1000 seedlings

  • The Tomato Box – 200-500 seedlings


You can customise your box by selecting up to 5 different vegetable varieties. This way, you can have a mix of your favorite vegetables, all in one box.

At Martin Dale Seedlings, we’ve been providing high-quality vegetable seedlings to farmers in Limpopo and Gauteng for over 36 years. We take pride in being involved in various community projects, including feeding schemes and greenery initiatives throughout the province.

Our vegetables are produced using the best practices, with each 200-tray taking an average of just 6 weeks to produce. We offer a range of open-pollinated varieties as well as hybrids upon request. Our expert team can provide guidance to help you choose the best varieties for your local market and the time of year.

While our production guidelines are an excellent starting point, we understand that every farm’s circumstances are different, which is why we recommend tailoring your planting density and variety choice to your specific needs. Temperature plays an important role in plant growth, so it’s vital to take this into account when planning your crops.

Our team is always available to offer advice and support, including recommendations for feeding programs based on soil types and other factors. And for retail nurseries, we also produce vegetables in convenient 9-packs that are perfect for the end user.

We offer box sizes of 200-500 seedlings to purchase online with delivery across the country.

Choose Martin Dale Seedlings for quality vegetable seedlings that are grown with care and expertise.

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