Coir suppliers – Limpopo, South Africa

Coir is an excellent growing medium. Martin Dale Seedlings is now the proud supplier of this amazing growing medium in South Africa’s Limpopo province.

You may ask why you should use Coir as a growing medium, and specifically why the South African farmer should choose our Coir or Coco Peat as it is sometimes referred to. Firstly some of the benefits of using Coir as a growing medium are: 

  • It is environmentally friendly;
  • Economical and cost-effective growing medium;
  • Coir is longer lasting than other growing mediums;
  • Coir has a remarkable re-wettability in comparison to other growing mediums;
  • Coir’s ability to retain water results in water preservation;
  • Early root development which is a result of Coir’s ability to achieve an optimal air-water-ratio;

Furthermore, our Coir is subjected to rigorous quality controls throughout its journey that starts life as a Coconut Husk in Sri Lank or India At this stage, it contains various major and minor chemical elements, and in order to make it a suitable growing medium it is necessary to change both the chemical and physical properties of the Coconut Husk.

The main elements that it contains are Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium of which Sodium and Chloride make up 90% of the EC measurement. While the product can be manufactured at this stage, it is important to note that it will have a High EC level. This is known as Unwashed Coir or Coco Peat.

Due to the unfavourable high EC level, we wash the husks in large tanks until the EC is between 1,2mS/cm and 2,0mS/cm. The aim of this initial washing process is to bring the EC of the bulk material down to a basic controlled level prior to further processing.

After this initial washing, it is important to note that there is still a significant level of strongly bonded Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium in the Coir which can result in problems for the grower. This is when most manufacturers would extract the pith, fibre, and chips and make the finished compressed product. This excessive salt content is likely to lead to various nutrient imbalances.

What makes our Coir so reliable is that their Coir now undergoes Mechanical Washing with de-ionised water in order to further reduce the EC levels. The Coir is then sold as Dutch or Premium Washed Coir making it far superior to any other on the market.


Coir’s Cation Exchange Complex (CEC), (its ability to store one particular group of nutrients) naturally contains high amounts of potassium which compete with magnesium and calcium for uptake. This can have a significant impact on the fertility management of the soil. Buffering would be recommended to stabilize the CEC by removing elements that are naturally bound to the Coir and avoid nutrient deficiencies in the future.

The South African farmer can rest assured that this Coir is by far premium to Coir that is sourced from elsewhere in the world, and that is not subjected to such stringent quality control measures as that of Martin Dale Seedlings.

Our Coir Products:

Bulk Coir Blocks

  • Used for Bulk Rehydration for Pot, Trough, or Tray Filling
  • Used as a soil Improver for Peat Moss to improve WHC, drainage properties and Increase air percentage in the growing medium
  • Used for custom blends; made by the grower for reduced cost

100% Coir Pith

  • 5kg Blocks compressed weight (250 units/pallet)
  • Each Block Rehydrates to 65 – 75Litres (1MT = 14m3 min.)*

100% Husk Chips

  • 4.5kg Blocks compressed weight (224 units/pallet)
  • Each Block Rehydrates to 55 – 65 Litres (MT = 13m3 min.)*
  • Widely used as a substitute for Perlite
  • Used for Orchids as a growing medium  

70/30 Fibre

  • 5kg Blocks with 70% Fine and 30% Fibre
  • Better drainage
  • Used in the Citrus and Avocado Industry

*Values shown represent volumes under Standard EN12580 using best practice methods

Coir Pop-Up Planter Bags

A Convenient alternative to buying Traditional Pots and filling with a loose growing medium.

  • Self – Contained full solution.
  • Reduced Labour requirements.
  • Popular for growing in tunnels and glasshouses for edibles
  • 2 Years UV Stabilised
  • Available in Crop Specific Mixes, and can be refilled with our General Coir
  • Allows quick, low-cost setup pre-planting
  • Customisable Drainage Hole arrangements for excellent drainage

Bag VolumeExpanded Size (l x w x h)
7.5L20cm x 19cm x 22cm
10L24cm x 19cm x 22cm

Length, width and height can be changed to suit your requirements

Coir Propagation Grow Cubes  

  • A World Leading Innovation for Transplanting Tomatoes
  • 100% Bio-Degradable after use; can be spread into field crops after decomposing to improve field soil conditions
  • Gives more control of a crop from early stages and therefore helps to plan crop management
  • Allows more plants per m2 on Growbags by grafting the plant
  • Double Hole Available for baby plum tomato varieties to maximise plant numbers per m2

Popular Sizes:
10cm x 10cm x 10cm – Highest Performance Innovation
10cm x 10cm x 6cm – Best Seller Lowest Cost
10cm x 15cm x 6cm – Triple Hole

Coir Pot Refill Discs

  • For Easy Refilling: Traditional Pots
  • Quickest Rehydration for Refilling
  • Highly Convenient Option (low labour cost for refilling)
  • Available in all our Coir Mixes and Grades
  • Our advanced Production Technology allows for equal expanded volume from disc to disc
  • Fits into the bottom of the Pot; a wide variety of Diameters are available for a perfect fit:

Refill Volume A – 4L & 5L
Refill Volume B – 7L & 9L
Many more sizes available upon request

Coir products for Strawberry, Raspberry & Blackberry Mixes

Coir Buffered Grow Bags

  • Optimum Mixes to steer generative and fruit growth
  • Highest Quality Coir enabling fast, strong and fine root growth
  • Adaptable Cut & Go Grow bag, including a universal cutting template
  • Pre-Cut Plant, Irrigation, and Dripper Holes available Free of Charge
  • Customisable size to fit any Ground Supported or Hanging Gutters
  • Technical Support to transfer from Stonewool to Grow Bags
  • High Yielding, High-Quality Produce compared to Competitor Products
  • Proven cost-effective, low labour; method of hydroponic salad production
  • Premium Grade for Delicate Crops and High-Value Crops Varieties

Bag VolumeExpanded Size (l x w x h)
16L 1m x 20cm x 8cm
18L1m x 15cm x 12cm
19L1.2m x 20cm x 8cm
20L1m x 20cm x 10cm

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