Dynaroot – Rooting Powder No 3


Hard Wood Cuttings
  • Dynaroot powder: Stimulates quick and abundant rooting.
  • Active ingredient: 4-Indole-3lbutyric Acid (IBA).
  • Available in 3 concentrations for different cuttings.
  • Application: Dip end of cutting in powder, tap off excess, plant.


Dynaroot powder is your go-to solution for accelerating the rooting process of plant cuttings, resulting in faster and more abundant root growth. The magic behind this product is its active ingredient: 4-Indole-3lbutyric Acid, commonly referred to as IBA. This compound is well-regarded for its efficiency in stimulating root development.

Analysis: The key component of Dynaroot is 4 [Indol – 3 yl] Butyric Acid – [IBA], recognized for its profound impact on plant propagation.

Uses and Benefits: Dynaroot offers a flexible solution for all your plant propagation needs by being available in three specific concentrations:

  • No 1: Tailored for softwood cuttings.
  • No 2: Ideal for semi-hardwood cuttings.
  • No 3: Crafted for hardwood cuttings.

Method of Application: Utilizing Dynaroot is a straightforward process:

  1. Depending on the type of plant cutting – softwood, semi-hardwood, or hardwood – select the appropriate Dynaroot concentration.
  2. Immerse the bottom 10 to 20mm portion of the cutting into the powder.
  3. Lightly tap the cutting on the side to get rid of any surplus powder.
  4. Finally, plant your cutting in your desired medium, and watch it thrive!

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