Multisol “P” 2.1.2


  • Immediate nourishment for plants with liquid fertilizers.
  • Culterra’s multisol: soluble, nozzle-friendly, available in 3 types.
  • Multisol “P” For Root Development – water soluble


Provide optimal nourishment for your established plants, whether they’re in pots or in your garden, with our quick and effective liquid fertilizers. These fertilizers act swiftly, ensuring sustained impressive growth and rapid rejuvenation for plants that are worn out or underfed. Browse our selection to find the ideal, balanced plant nourishment packed with essential minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and other vital natural ingredients tailored for your specific requirements.

Introducing the Multisol range from Culterra: a line of water-soluble fertilizers designed for nurseries, growers, and garden enthusiasts. These fertilizers can be easily administered through irrigation systems or as a foliar spray, guaranteeing no nozzle blockages due to their full solubility. With three distinct types available, you’re sure to find the right fit. Notably, Multisol is a balanced fertilizer with a high nitrogen content and is compatible with the majority of insecticides and fungicides. However, steer clear of mixing it with lime sulphur or alkaline products.

  • Multisol “P” 2.1.2: An all-purpose choice for diverse gardening needs.

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