Pruning Saw 300mm/12 THT5113006


  • Size: 12 inches (300mm) – ideal for thick branches.
  • Material: Durable SK5 steel for long-lasting sharpness.
  • Teeth: 7 TPI with heat treatment for enhanced efficiency.
  • Triple Teeth Design: Precision-ground for clean, smooth cuts.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various pruning tasks in the garden.


Introducing our 12-Inch SK5 Pruning Saw, an essential tool for any gardening enthusiast or professional. Designed for precision and durability, this saw is perfect for efficiently tackling a variety of pruning tasks.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Size: The 12-inch (300mm) blade length is ideal for cutting through thick branches and shrubs, providing ample reach and control.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from SK5 steel, known for its hardness and durability, ensuring long-lasting sharpness and resistance to wear.
  • 7TPI with Heat Treatment: The 7 Teeth Per Inch (TPI) blade features heat-treated teeth, enhancing its cutting efficiency and lifespan.
  • Triple Teeth Design: Each tooth is precision-ground on three edges, providing exceptionally clean and smooth cuts. This triple teeth design makes cutting faster and more efficient, reducing effort and time.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you’re pruning trees, shaping shrubs, or cutting back overgrown branches, this saw is up to the task. Its robust construction and sharp teeth make it suitable for a variety of pruning jobs.

The 12-Inch SK5 Pruning Saw is a reliable and effective tool for maintaining the health and appearance of your garden. Its specialized design ensures that you can tackle your pruning tasks with ease and precision.

Additional information

Weight 1.53 kg
Dimensions 45 × 3 × 2 cm


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