Shade Cloth 90% – buy per meter

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R47.00 Price per square meter

Sold per meter, 3m width
  • Shade Percentage: Available from 20% to 90% shading.
  • Colors: Black, White, Grey, Green, Titanium.
  • Key Features:
    • Provides essential UV protection for crops and seedlings.
    • Regulates sunlight, optimizing growth conditions.
    • Ideal for plant nurseries and agricultural applications.
    • Breathable design promotes healthy plant growth.
    • UV-resistant and durable for extended outdoor use.
  • Benefit: Ensures optimal growing conditions for plants, enhancing productivity and crop yield.


Our Shade Cloth is the top choice for plant nurseries and agricultural professionals committed to achieving the best results!

Constructed from a superior woven fabric, our Shade Cloth stands the test of time, ensuring enduring performance even in challenging agricultural conditions. Its versatile shading range, spanning from a minimal 20% to a comprehensive 90%, offers plant nurseries the flexibility to tailor sunlight exposure based on the specific needs of diverse crops and seedlings. This customization ensures that plants receive just the right amount of sunlight for optimal growth and productivity.

Our Shade Cloth’s palette – encompassing classic Black, pristine White, versatile Grey, earthy Green, and modern Titanium – caters to the varying aesthetic preferences of nurseries and farms. Beyond aesthetics, each color is meticulously designed to be UV-resistant, safeguarding plants from harmful ultraviolet rays while maintaining the cloth’s original shade.

What sets our Shade Cloth apart, especially in agricultural settings, is its exceptional breathability. This feature ensures that plants underneath receive adequate airflow, a critical component in preventing diseases and promoting robust growth. Moreover, the consistent shade provides a controlled environment, leading to enhanced crop yield and reduced plant stress.

For plant nurseries aiming to offer the healthiest plants to their customers, or agricultural operations striving for the highest quality produce, our Shade Cloth is the gold standard. Invest in the future of your crops, ensuring they thrive in a protected, nurturing environment tailored for agricultural excellence!

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