Talborne Fertilis Earthworm Casting


  • 100% pure, organic earthworm castings as a premium soil conditioner.
  • Enriches soil with rich humus, boosting beneficial microbial life.
  • Promotes robust growth and resilience in plants, trees, and crops.
  • Enhances soil fertility, indicated by the presence of earthworms.
  • Essential for correcting degraded, contaminated, or depleted soils.
  • Produced from dairy manure of naturally grazed cows by red wriggler earthworms.
  • Recommended for use with Talborne Vita Organic Fertilizers for best results.
  • Certified Organic by Control Union for EU & US (NOP standard).


SoilCare represents the pinnacle of soil conditioning, offering 100% pure, organic earthworm castings that serve as a premium amendment for enhancing soil health. These castings are not only rich in humus but are also teeming with beneficial microbes and natural plant stimulants, all of which contribute to the development of fertile, life-sustaining soils.

Earthworms play a pivotal role in soil health, their activity and presence being synonymous with fertility. The production of SoilCare earthworm castings involves the processing of dairy manure from naturally grazed cows, specifically through the efforts of the recycling red wriggler earthworms. This process ensures that the castings are of the highest quality, packed with nutrients and life-promoting properties essential for healthy plant growth.

The application of SoilCare to soils, particularly those that are degraded, contaminated, or depleted, brings about a transformation, revitalizing the soil’s productive potential. It’s a critical step towards restoring the natural balance and ensuring the robust growth and resilience of plants, trees, and crops against pests and diseases.

For those committed to organic farming and gardening practices, SoilCare earthworm castings have been approved as a Certified Organic input by the Control Union, adhering to stringent standards in both the European Union and the United States under the NOP standard. When used in conjunction with Talborne Vita Organic Fertilizers, SoilCare earthworm castings provide an unparalleled synergy, further enhancing soil fertility and plant health for optimal growth and productivity.

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