Talborne Vita-Green 5:1:5 (16)


  • Balanced Nitrogen and Potassium for comprehensive plant nutrition.
  • Supplements nutrient levels for leaves, flowers, fruit, and sugar development.
  • Promotes strong, green leaves essential for efficient photosynthesis.
  • Aids in flowering, fruiting, and seed formation.
  • Potassium enhances cell wall strength, improving pest and disease resilience.
  • Suitable for a variety of crops under stressful climatic conditions.
  • Certified Organic approved for EU & US (NOP standard).


Vita Green 5:1:5 (16), the perfect balanced fertilizer designed to support the complete life cycle of your crops, from leaf growth to flowering and fruiting. This unique formula provides an optimal blend of Nitrogen and Potassium, essential nutrients that supplement your crop’s needs, ensuring vibrant and healthy development. By promoting the growth of strong, green leaves, Vita Green facilitates efficient photosynthesis, the foundation for successful flowering, fruiting, and seed production.

With an emphasis on sustainability and crop resilience, our fertilizer enhances the strength of cell walls. This critical feature makes plants more resistant to pests and diseases, as well as better equipped to withstand adverse weather conditions, including extreme climates. Whether you’re cultivating leafy greens, vibrant flowers, or succulent fruits, Vita Green provides the nourishment your crops need to thrive.

Certified by the Control Union for use in Certified Organic farming in both the European Union and the United States (NOP standard), Vita Green 5:1:5 (16) is your go-to choice for organic cultivation. Embrace this eco-friendly solution to meet your farming goals, ensuring your plants receive the best possible care while adhering to the highest organic standards.

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