Trigger Nozzle THWSO10901


  • Versatile 9-Pattern Spray: Offers nine different spray patterns for a range of watering needs.
  • Exceptional Functionality: Consistently delivers top-notch performance in various gardening tasks.
  • Reliable Total Quality: Ensures durability and effectiveness, living up to the Total brand reputation.
  • User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, catering to both amateur and professional gardeners.
  • Adaptability: Ideal for everything from delicate watering to more robust garden cleaning tasks.
  • Model: THWS010901, reflecting innovation and quality in garden hose technology.


Total Trigger Nozzle 9 Patterns (Model: THWS010901), a top-tier garden hose spray nozzle designed to cater to a variety of your watering needs. This nozzle is not just a tool; it’s a testament to Total’s commitment to quality and functionality in garden accessories.

The defining feature of this nozzle is its versatile 9-pattern spray. With options ranging from a gentle mist for delicate flowers and seedlings to a powerful jet for cleaning garden paths or tough dirt on tools, this nozzle adapts to all your gardening requirements. The flexibility offered by these nine different spray patterns ensures that you can find the perfect setting for each specific task, enhancing the health of your plants and the cleanliness of your garden.

THWS010901 stands out for its exceptional functionality. It’s designed to consistently deliver outstanding results, whether you’re watering a small garden bed or managing a large outdoor space. The reliability and efficiency of this nozzle make it a go-to choice for gardeners seeking a high-performance tool.

As a product from Total, a brand renowned for its quality in garden hose accessories, you can be assured of the durability and effectiveness of this nozzle. It’s built to withstand regular use and varying outdoor conditions, ensuring it remains a reliable part of your gardening arsenal for years to come.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 2 cm


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