Turret Sprinkler 5-in-1 THPS63022


  • Material: Constructed from high-quality, lightweight ABS plastic.
  • Five Functionality: Includes five sprinkler heads with adjustable settings to suit various watering needs.
  • Stability & Accuracy: Provides stable and accurate water patterns, reducing water waste.
  • Ease of Use: Easy to install by attaching to an outdoor spigot, suitable for various lawn and garden areas.
  • Convenient Storage: Designed for easy and convenient storage with a low profile and storage loop.


Transform your gardening experience with the Total Garden Water Sprinkler Turret (Model: THPS63022), a highly efficient and versatile solution for your lawn and garden watering needs. Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, this lightweight and portable sprinkler is both easy to use and durable, making it an ideal addition to any gardening toolkit.

The sprinkler boasts five different heads, each offering unique settings to cater to a variety of watering needs. Whether you’re hydrating delicate flower beds, maintaining a lush lawn, or cooling your roof on hot summer days, this sprinkler’s adjustable settings ensure that water is distributed precisely where it’s needed. This versatility is perfect for gardeners looking to customize their watering routines based on the specific requirements of different plants or garden areas.

Stability and durability are at the forefront of this sprinkler’s design. It delivers accurate water patterns, ensuring that each area receives the right amount of water without overspray or misplaced watering. This precision helps in conserving water while ensuring your plants thrive.

Installation is a breeze – simply attach the sprinkler to an outdoor spigot and position it in your desired location. This ease of setup makes it convenient for gardeners to move the sprinkler around to different areas of their garden as needed.

When it’s not in use, the sprinkler’s low profile and built-in storage loop make it easy to store, saving space and keeping your garden tidy.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 cm


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