• Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral used in nurseries as a soil amendment.
  • It is lightweight, sterile, and has excellent water retention properties.
  • Vermiculite improves soil aeration and drainage, promoting healthy root development and plant growth.
  • It is useful for propagating plants from cuttings by retaining moisture until they root.
  • Vermiculite is a stable, inert substrate and can be used as a growing medium for hydroponic systems.
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If you want to create a thriving nursery, you need the best soil amendment on the market – and that’s where vermiculite comes in! This incredible naturally occurring mineral is the secret to promoting healthy plant growth, making it an essential tool for any nursery or greenhouse.

With its lightweight and sterile properties, vermiculite provides excellent water retention, improving soil aeration and drainage for maximum root development. This means that your plants will grow strong and healthy, giving you the best possible results for your business.

But the benefits don’t stop there! Vermiculite is perfect for propagating plants from cuttings, allowing you to retain moisture until they’re ready to root. And for hydroponic systems, vermiculite is the perfect substrate, providing a stable and inert base for your plants to grow in.

Investing in vermiculite is an investment in your business – and your plants. So why wait? Get the best soil amendment on the market today and take your nursery to the next level!

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