Air Pots Round-14cm Dia x 16cm H, 1.3Lt


  • Purpose: Enhance root development in plants.
  • Design: Unique container structure.
  • Benefit: Prevents root circling and boosts root efficiency.


Air Pots are a revolutionary type of container that stands out in the realm of plant care and cultivation. Designed with an intricate structure, these pots facilitate unparalleled root development, setting the stage for healthier, more robust plants. The genius behind Air Pots lies in their ability to prevent the common problem of root circling. Instead of spiraling around, the roots find themselves guided by the pot’s design to grow outward and become more efficient.

The enhanced aeration provided by the Air Pot’s design ensures that the plant’s roots get an ample supply of oxygen, critical for optimal growth. Additionally, this structure prevents over-watering issues, making it easier to manage hydration levels. Gardeners and plant enthusiasts who opt for Air Pots will quickly observe a notable difference in growth rate, plant health, and overall yield. In essence, for those keen on ensuring the best environment for their plants’ roots, Air Pots offer a game-changing solution.

The Air-Pot are pots that allow the development of a remarkable radial root system that cannot be achieved using any other type of container.

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 16 cm


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