Culterra Multikelp


  • Improved plant growth and vigour
  • Increased resistance to stress and disease
  • Enhanced root development and nutrient uptake
  • Improved soil structure and fertility
  • Increased water-holding capacity in soil
  • Increased microbial activity in soil
  • Reduced reliance on synthetic fertilisers and chemicals


Culterra Multikelp is a natural and organic fertiliser made from a blend of carefully selected seaweed species. It is designed to provide a wide range of benefits for plants and soil.

Culterra Multikelp is easy to use, safe for people, pets, and wildlife, and suitable for a wide range of plants, from vegetables and herbs to flowers and shrubs. With its all-natural and sustainable ingredients, Culterra Multikelp is a great choice for environmentally conscious gardeners looking to support healthy plant growth and soil health.

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