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All Purpose Rooting Hormone – Liquid Rooting Stimulator. Dip & Root is a solution containing growth-regulating hormones that promote rapid and abundant root development in plant cuttings. The active components of the solution are Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA) and Napthyl Acetic Acid (NAA). Dip & Root is particularly effective on cuttings from plants that are typically challenging to root. The solution is extensively used in fruit tree production, forestry, rose cultivation, and other general nursery applications.


Introducing Dip & Root – the liquid growth-regulating hormone concentration that plant enthusiasts can’t stop raving about!

Here are some highlights that make Dip & Root a must-have for any gardener:

  • Say goodbye to expensive growth-regulating hormone solutions! Dip & Root is a cost-effective solution that provides incredible results and outperforms its competitors.
  • Our solution has been extensively tested over many years, and the results speak for themselves. Countless plant lovers have witnessed the outstanding growth of their cuttings after using Dip & Root.
  • Experience better and faster rooting on all difficult plant cuttings with our revolutionary formula. No more struggling with challenging cuttings – Dip & Root induces prolific and improved rooting like no other!
  • With a sterilisation component included in our formula, you can be sure that your plant cuttings are safe from any fungal damage. Our solution ensures the health and longevity of your cuttings, making it a must-have in your gardening kit.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your gardening game with Dip & Root. Order now and witness the magic of our liquid growth-regulating hormone concentration!

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