Go Organic Seabird Guano Liquid


  • Go Organic Guano is an organic fertilizer sourced sustainably in South Africa
  • It’s made of 100% natural ingredients and improves water and nutrient-holding capacities
  • Can be used as a foliar spray or a source of soil nutrition
  • Contains high levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and trace elements for healthy plant growth
  • Certified organic product with a 40 to 1 dilution mix ratio


Go Organic Guano is a sustainable and environmentally friendly organic fertilizer made in South Africa. It is derived from seabird guano, which is known to be one of the most comprehensive organic fertilizers in the world. This certified organic product is made of 100% natural ingredients that improve water and nutrient-holding capacities.

Go Organic Guano can be used as a foliar spray or a source of soil nutrition that can be sprayed or poured onto plants. It contains high levels of (N) Nitrogen and (P) Phosphorus, as well as a variety of trace elements that promote healthy plant growth.

With a 40 to 1 dilution mix ratio, a little bit of Go Organic Guano goes a long way. For example, 250ml of Go Organic Guano Extract can produce 10 liters of water, making it an efficient and cost-effective fertilizer option.

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