Hand Rake 290mm THGT979K


  • Length: 290mm – Ideal for precision gardening tasks.
  • Unique Patent Handle: Ergonomically designed for comfort and reduced hand fatigue.
  • Fork Width: 75mm – Perfect for detailed work like soil raking and weed uprooting.
  • Main Rod Diameter: 8.0mm – Robust and durable for regular use.
  • Material: Carbon steel – Ensures strength, durability, and longevity.
  • Ideal for: Both amateur and professional gardeners, suitable for small and large gardens.


Discover the efficiency and ease of gardening with our Total Hand Rake, meticulously designed for both amateur and professional gardeners. This hand rake stands out with its unique, patented handle design, offering unparalleled comfort and grip during prolonged use.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Size: With a length of 290mm, this hand rake is perfectly sized for precision work in your garden, allowing you to reach into small spaces without disturbing the surrounding plants.
  • Innovative Handle Design: Our patented handle is crafted with user comfort in mind, ensuring a secure and ergonomic grip. This unique feature reduces hand fatigue, making your gardening experience more enjoyable and efficient.
  • Fork Width: The 75mm fork width is ideal for detailed gardening tasks. Whether you’re raking soil, spreading mulch, or uprooting weeds, the width is perfectly sized for accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Sturdy Main Rod: The main rod has a diameter of 8.0mm, providing the strength and durability needed for rigorous gardening tasks. This robust construction ensures the rake can withstand the pressures of regular use.
  • High-Quality Material: Constructed from carbon steel, this hand rake is not only strong but also resistant to wear and tear. The carbon steel material ensures longevity, making it a reliable tool in your gardening arsenal for years to come.

Whether you’re tending to a small garden patch or managing a larger landscape, the Total Hand Rake is your go-to tool for achieving and maintaining a beautifully manicured garden. Its blend of ergonomic design and durable materials makes it an indispensable tool for gardeners seeking efficiency and comfort.

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 27 × 2 × 3 cm


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