Plant Bags – Sold in packs of 10/25


  • C1 Planting Bag – 75x50x150 – 0.65L (25 Pack)
  • C2 Planting Bag – 75x50x180 – 0.75L (25 Pack)
  • C3 Planting Bags – 100x75x200 – 1.25L (25 Pack)
  • C4 Planting Bag – 125x100x225 – 2.5L (25 Pack)
  • C5 Planting Bags – 150x125x300 – 5L (25 Pack)
  • C6 Planting bags – 150x125x400 -7.5L (25 Pack)
  • C7 Planting Bag – 175x150x300 – 9L (25 Pack)
  • C8 Planting bag – 175x150x450 – 11.25L (25 Pack)
  • C9 Planting Bag – 175x170x430 – 15L (25 Pack)
  • C10 Planting Bag – 20L (sold individually)
  • C11 Planting Bags – 40L (sold individually)
  • C15 Planting Bags – 100L (sold individually)
  • Gladstone Bags extra holes (Macadamia) (10 Pack)
  • Letaba Bags extra holes 5.82L (Avo) (10 Pack)
  • Z1 Plant Bags (Citrus) (10 Pack)


Plant bags, also known as nursery bags or grow bags, are commonly used in nurseries for various purposes. They are typically made of lightweight and durable materials such as polyethene or polypropylene and come in different sizes and shapes. Here are some of the uses of plant bags in a nursery:

  1. Propagation: Plant bags are used for seed propagation, especially for plants that are difficult to germinate. The bags provide a controlled environment for the seeds, ensuring they receive adequate moisture and warmth to germinate successfully.
  2. Transplanting: Seedlings grown in trays or pots can be transplanted into plant bags to allow them more space to grow. The bags are also useful for transplanting cuttings or rooted plants into a larger container before planting them in the ground.
  3. Root pruning: Plant bags can be used for root pruning, which is the process of trimming roots to stimulate lateral growth and prevent the roots from becoming root-bound. Root pruning promotes the growth of healthy, robust plants.
  4. Easy transportation: Plant bags are lightweight and easy to transport, making them a convenient choice for nurseries. They can be easily stacked and transported in large quantities, saving space and time.
  5. Better drainage: Plant bags are designed with drainage holes that allow excess water to drain out of the container, preventing waterlogging and root rot. Better drainage ensures the plants receive the right amount of water and nutrients, promoting healthy growth.
  6. Space optimization: Plant bags take up less space than traditional pots, allowing nurseries to grow more plants in a smaller area. This makes them ideal for small-scale nurseries or urban gardening.


Overall, plant bags offer a cost-effective and versatile alternative to traditional pots, providing numerous benefits to nurseries and gardeners.

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C1 Plant bag 75x50x150 (50mic) 0.65L, C2 Planting Bag – 0.75L, C3 Planting Bags – 1.25L, C4 Planting Bag – 2.5L, C5 Planting Bags – 5L, C6 Planting bags 7.5L, C7 Planting Bag – 9L, C8 Planting bag – 11.25L, C9 Planting Bag – 15L, C10 Planting Bag – 20L, C11 Planting Bags – 40L, C15 Planting Bags – 100L, Gladstone Bags extra holes (Macadamia), Letaba Bags extra holes 5.82L (Avo), Z1 Plant Bags (Citrus)


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