Seed tray model 128 deep – 24 density


  • Product: Seed Tray
  • Material: Durable plastic.
  • Compartments: 24 individual slots for seed planting.
  • Key Features:
    • Lightweight yet sturdy construction.
    • Perfect for starting seedlings.
    • Provides insulation, promoting germination.
    • Each compartment designed for efficient root growth.
    • Easy to handle and transport.
  • Benefit: Ensures optimal conditions for seed germination and early growth stages.


Discover the power of precision planting with our Seed Tray, a favorite among plant nurseries and budding gardeners!

Crafted from resilient polystyrene, our seed tray promises a delicate balance of lightweight handling and durability. This ensures that your young plants receive the care they deserve without the hassle of cumbersome equipment. With 24 individual compartments, it allows for organized planting, ensuring each seedling has its own space to sprout and flourish without competition.

Beyond germination, the compartment design of the tray encourages efficient and healthy root growth. It minimizes the risk of entangled roots, ensuring easy transplantation when the seedlings are ready to move to larger pots or directly into the garden.

For plant nurseries keen on maximizing seed germination rates, or home gardeners eager to kickstart their planting season, our Seed Tray offers the optimal blend of functionality and ease.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 67 × 34 × 8 cm


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