Talborne Vita-Veg 6:3:4 (16)


  • General fertilizer suitable for leafy vegetables, fruit crops, herbs, berries, and lawns.
  • Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium enriched to enhance green leaf development.
  • Promotes efficient photosynthesis, flowering, fruiting, and growth of leafy crops.
  • Certified Organic approved for EU & US (NOP standard).


Vita Veg 6:3:4 (16), the all-purpose fertilizer tailored for a broad range of gardening needs, including leafy vegetables, fruiting crops, herb plantings, berries, and even lawns. This carefully balanced formula provides an optimal mix of Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium, key nutrients that are essential for the vigorous growth of plants. By enhancing the development of strong, green leaves, Vita Veg ensures efficient photosynthesis, which is crucial for the flowering, fruiting, and overall health of your crops.

Whether you’re looking to boost your vegetable garden, enhance your herb collection, improve your berry yield, or maintain a lush, green lawn, Vita Veg offers the perfect solution. Its comprehensive nutrient profile supports plants at every stage of their growth cycle, from the initial leaf development to the final fruiting and flowering stages.

Moreover, Vita Veg 6:3:4 (16) comes with the assurance of being an approved input for Certified Organic farming by the Control Union, meeting the rigorous standards set by both the European Union and the United States NOP standard. This makes it an ideal choice for gardeners and farmers committed to organic practices, ensuring that your plants receive the best possible care without compromising on environmental standards.

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